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forced conversion

Karachi: 16-year-old Hindu girl kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam, married by abductor Sameer Ali claiming she is 19

In Karachi, a 16-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped by Sameer Ali, who forcefully converted her to Islam. forced to sign affidavit saying she is 19 and married her

‘Love jihad cases are on the rise’: How Hindu women from West Bengal are trafficked to Bangladesh and converted to Islam

Such cases of forced religious conversion of Hindus remind us of the 1971 war of independence of Bangladesh when several Hindu families had to convert to Islam to save their lives from the extreme notoriety of Pakistani occupation forces.

Uttarakhand: Hakeem Mufti Adil booked for converting an elderly couple to Islam, had converted many poor people. Read exclusive details from FIR

Hakeem Mufti Adil is booked by Uttarakhand Police for forced conversion of elderly couple in exchange of money.

Ghar Wapsi: Hindu couple, forcibly converted to Islam by Mohammed Amil Sheikh in UP, returns to the Dharmic fold after 20 years

In February this year, Shiv and Kavita renounced Islam and returned to the Dharmic path through the ritual of 'Ghar wapsi.'

Gujarat: Woman impregnated, assaulted and abandoned by Hussain after she refused to convert to Islam, extorted lakhs from her, his father also molested her

Hussain gave her tablets to abort her first two babies and then left her with the third child because she refused to convert.

Uttar Pradesh: Aligarh police arrest three for harassing Hindu girl, forcibly trying to convert her to Islam

The victim had gone to Chharra town to write her B.ED examination. While she was returning home, the accused his friends began following her.

Saifuddin rapes Hindu woman in Bahrain, deceives her to abort 5-month fetus and forces her to embrace Islam, torments her for dowry

Hindu woman raped in Bahrain by Saifuddin, tricked into aborting 5-month fetus, and forced to convert to Islam

Bihar: Nizamuddin, his family abducts Hindu girl to force her into marriage and convert her; Nizamuddin’s father arrested, search on for others

The girl was first trapped under the guise of love, and then summoned to a temple on the pretense of marriage from where she was allegedly kidnapped..

Madhya Pradesh: Kashan Sheikh repeatedly raped a Hindu woman by threatening to kill her child and recorded the acts, forced her to embrace Islam

Kashan Sheikh threatened to kill the woman's son and routinely raped her while using her images and recordings as leverage to get money.

Uttar Pradesh: Afaq seduces a Hindu woman in the name of a job and marriage, forces her to embrace Islam, abandons her after the...

Afaq told the victim to abort their baby and impregnated her again. However, he then left her to marry a second woman.

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