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Access Now: The NGO behind Apple’s dubious alert message to politicians is funded by George Soros and Ford Foundation

Warning messages that MPs recieved came via an NGO that is funded by George Soros and Ford Foundation. Notably Apple had clarified that these alerts regarding the so-called “state-sponsored threats” to their users’ devices are not reliable.

George Soros and Ford Foundation may be planning another onslaught against Indian firms through OCCRP: Here is how the campaign may connect to NewsClick...

The current South Asian (Regional) Editor of OCCRP, Anand Mangnale, was a partnerships and strategy consultant at the Chinese financed propaganda outlet NewsClick

Can’t beat the anti-India campaigns backed by billions? Join them and tap their funds

Strategy to defeat anti-India forces- impersonate left-wing and draw funds from Soros, Omidyar, Ford foundation, BBC and all other such “investors”

‘While We Watched’: Read how a documentary film on NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar has connections to George Soros and Ford Foundation

'While we Watched', directed by Vinay Shukla, features Ravish Kumar and chronicles his journey in the newsroom as a 'broadcast journalist'.

‘Ford Foundation Fellows group is a breeding ground of left-wing extremism’: Whistleblowers reveal the ‘charity’ group’s bias

Ford Foundation Fellows group is dictated by radical left-wing extremists who launch coordinated attacks against dissenters.

‘Lokpal bill movement led by elites like Kejriwal and Sisodia will create a parallel govt’: When Arundhati Roy made sense a decade ago

Arundhati Roy had also said in the interview with Sagarika Ghose that leaders that led the Lokpal movement ran foreign funded NGOs

Guess who is behind the propaganda of ‘forensic report’ giving a clean chit to Urban Naxal Rona Wilson: George Soros and Canada govt

Washington Post published a report alleging that Urban Naxal Rona Wilson was falsely implicated in the case by planting fake evidence

Investigation: The lies and the nexus of foreign organisations behind vilification of Rafale deal and Electoral Bonds

Foreign governments, foreign funded NGOs, a dubious Indian NGO and the Congress party are at the heart of the current controversy of Electoral Bonds.

WikiLeaks revelations about Ford Foundation, India and some important questions

Ford Foundation is having a tough time Under Modi Administration

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