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Supreme Court says it is willing to relax restrictions in eco-sensitive zones around forests, SFI had vandalised Rahul Gandhi’s office over the issue

Supreme Court implied that it may relax its restrictions in the eco-sensitive zones (ESZ) around protected forests and wildlife sanctuaries

Forest and Environment ministry refutes report claiming Tiger poaching is highest in India, says the report is based on unrealistic assumptions

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change refutes Rajasthan Patrika report claiming that India has become the capital of tiger poaching

Elephant’s ‘revenge’ act? Tusker kills woman, returns after hours to trample her corpse, then attacks and destroys her house

On June 10, a 60-year-old woman named Maya Murmu from the Raipal village in Mayurbhanj's Rasagobindapur area was attacked and trampled by an elephant in the forest near her village.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve witnesses rare twin elephant birth, new calves seen taking baby steps as mother watches

Wild mother elephant in Bandipur Tiger Reserve gives birth to twins.

#MonkeyVsDoge memefest takes Internet by storm after bunch of monkeys in Maharashtra kill dogs to avenge death of baby monkey

As of now, two monkeys involved in the killing of puppies were taken in custody by forest officials to be later released in the forest.

After cancelling Metro Shed project in Aarey, Maharashtra govt keen on monetizing ‘forest land’: Details

Months after cancelling Metro project near Aarey area, Uddhav Thackeray govt in Maharashtra is keen on monetizing the Aarey Forest land

Maharashtra: Pregnant tigress with 4 unborn cubs killed by poachers in Yavatmal, death toll of tigers in this year reaches 17 in the state

A 60-day pregnant tigress was brutally killed and her paws chopped off by unknown poachers in Maharashtra's Yavatmal

Forest officer had threatened with SC/ST Act: All you need to know about death of Maharashtra’s ‘Lady Singham’ and her suicide note

Forest Range Officer Dipali Chavan-Mohite, 28, who has accused IFS officer Shivkumar of sexual harassment and torture in her suicide note, was 5-months pregnant at the time of her death.

Similipal forest fire in Odisha successfully controlled by the forest department

300 hectare of land of the Similipal National Park in Odisha is reported to have been affected by the forest fire

‘Unfortunate decision just to satisfy ego’: Devendra Fadnavis slams Udhhav Thackery for shifting Metro Car Shed from Aarey colony

Devendra Fadnavis said that building the metro car shed at Kanjurmarg will increase the cost by at least Rs 4000 crore, and delay it by years

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