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France: President Emmanuel Macron loses Parliament majority as Far-Left and Far-Right gain in French elections

The left alliance has emerged as the main opposition for Emmanuel Macron winning 131 seats while Le Pen's Rally Party has jumped from 8 to 89 seats.

The harsh realities of facing Islamic threats and radicalism: Why India cannot be France, China, or Israel

Some truths are hurtful. It is human nature to ignore them and pretend they do not exist. In India's case, despite being a progressive nation that is rapidly becoming an economic superpower, there are geopolitical, demographical, social and historical realities that keep holding us back

France re-elects Emmanuel Macron as President, congratulations pour in

Macron won the election with 58.55 per cent votes against 41.5 per cent votes for the contender.

Hijab gains centre stage in French presidential elections, contender Marine Le Pen pledges to ban headscarf in France if she wins

The hijab grabbed centre stage in the presidential campaign of France on Friday, as contender Marine Le Pen sought to outlaw them in the country.

A doctor refused to perform organ transplant because it was ‘haram’: French physician spills the beans on how Islamists are affecting the healthcare system

The former Charlie Hebdo columnist said that the situation is further aggravated by inaction against Islamic fundamentalists by the hospital management, out of the fear of being labelled 'racist'.

International Toolkit activated in Karnataka Hijab Row: French Footballer Paul Pogba shares post supporting Hijab in colleges

French Footballer Paul Pogba shares video which accuses 'Hindutva mob' of harassing Muslim girls for wearing Hijab

New COVID variant ‘IHU’ detected in France, 12 affected, reports say that it may be more infectious than Omicron

The IHU variant contains 46 mutations and can be more harmful that the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

French first lady says she will take legal action against false claims calling her a transgender who was ‘born a man’

Unfounded news has been circulating on social media claiming that Brigitte, wife of Emmanuel Macron is a transgender woman whose name at birth was Jean-Michel Trogneux.

France: When politicians and Mayor of a suburb sang the national anthem to protest against street Namaz

Residents in Gurugram have also been protesting against the practice of blocking public spaces and roads for the Friday namaz.

Mountaineer who had found a box of gems from a crashed Air India flight in the French Alps gets to keep half of the...

Man who had found a box of gems and jewels from wreckage of Air India flight 101 that crashed in 1966 in French Alps will be given half of it

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