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The French envoy had said the inclusion of Germany, India, Japan, Brazil and fair representation of African countries is "absolutely needed" to better reflect the world as it is in UN Security Council.
In a tragic event, the historic medieval Cathedral in Paris, Notre Dame, was ravaged by fire recently that caused colossal damage to the structure.
French ambassador to India said that tax settlement with Reliance France was conducted in full adherence with the legislative and regulatory framework.
Fourteen out of 15 members of the UN Security Council supported the proposal by UNSC to ban Azhar, but each time the move was blocked by China.
France also added that they would hold the discussion to put Masood Azhar on the European Union list of people involved in terrorism.
There are high chances that Pakistan is taken by a surprise in the United Nations Security Council meeting scheduled to take place today
This proposal is the fourth such attempt in the last 10 years to list Azhar as a global terrorist. 
Many globals powers refrained from siding with Pakistan and have defended India's right to self-defence, while also calling for restraint.
"India and France are likely to surpass the UK in the world's largest economy rankings in 2019, knocking it from fifth to seventh place in the global table," PwC's Global Economy Watch report said.
France will be getting 28 Rafale in 2022-24 as the last batch of aircraft it had ordered in 2009, no new order for Rafale has neen placed by French govt
The complaint against the Rafale deal filed by NGO Sherpa against the Rafale deal should be treated with extreme caution.
A regular feature in all of Houellebecq's books is a narrator who is non-religious and has an extremely pessimistic view of the world
Dassault selected Reliance on its own, clarified CEO Éric Trappier
According to Chinese media, the Interpol chief has been taken away by Chinese authorities for questioning
Air Marshal appreciated the NDA government for buying 36 off-the-shelf Rafale fighter jets from France, calling it a 'bold step'
France had earlier confirmed the existence of a secrecy clause in the Rafale deal.
Rahul Gandhi's allegations regarding Rafale have been outrageous, but this one takes the cake
Dassault has officially stated that partnership with Reliance Defence was its own choice and it is presently negotiating with a hundred more companies for investments in India.
They were insisting on the RIL group company to be their partner.
The PIL filed by advocate M L Sharma alleges corruption in the fighter jet deal
NewX has accessed the copy of the Rafale deal papers, which clearly proves Rahul lied on the floor of the house
BJP is planning to move a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi
French government issued a statement which proves Rahul Gandhi wrong
India has taken the lead in establishing international intergovernmental platform for solar-energy related issues.

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