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Mountaineer who had found a box of gems from a crashed Air India flight in the French Alps gets to keep half of the...

Man who had found a box of gems and jewels from wreckage of Air India flight 101 that crashed in 1966 in French Alps will be given half of it

France: Man, who killed a Holocaust survivor in 2018 after shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’, sentenced to life imprisonment

Carrimbacus told the Court that the Islawas arguing with the victim about Jews having money and wealth, on the day of her death

‘Working for establishment of Sharia’: France bans ‘anti-Islamophobia’ org as part of its campaign against Islamists

France shuts down a supposed anti-Islamophobia organization CRI for spreading "hatred, violence and discrimination".

Pakistan: Islamists clash with Police over Charlie Hebdo cartoon, kill four cops

In April, too, this year, Pakistan had reached the brink of a civil war after Imran Khan government failed to contain the riots led by TLP.

France shuts down Allonnes mosque and Islamic school for harbouring ‘radical Islam’ and promoting ‘armed jihad’, plans to close 7 more

France govt has ordered the closure of a mosque in Allonnes near Le Mans for harbouring ‘radical Islam’ and ‘legitimising terrorist attacks’

Independent probe reveals over 3000 paedophile priests and members operated in Catholic Church in France since 1950

Commission set up to analyse sexual abuse in churches in France found around 3000 paedophiles worked in French Catholic Church

Indian Air Force signs deal to purchase 24 phased out Mirage 2000 aircraft from France

The jets are being purchased from French Air Force to improve the serviceability of the existing Mirage 2000 jets of Indian Air Force

Afghanistan, France, India, Japan: Learn not to trust the USA

Liberals all over the world endorsed Joe Biden because they thought Trump was a “white supremacist.” Since coming to power, he has sidelined the only two non-white countries in his Indo-Pacific alliance.

French cement company Lafarge paid ISIS terrorists millions to keep Syria factory running, can be charged with ‘crimes against humanity: Details

Lafarge had earlier admitted to bribing middlemen to negotiate with terror groups in Syria, to keep their Jalabiya factory running in the country during the conflict.

Jewel heist in France: Bvlgari showroom robbed in Paris, suspects fleeing in BMW arrested

The French police chased the three accused down near the Les Halles shopping mall, which is located about 3 km away from the Bulgari boutique.

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