Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Freedom of Speech

Twitter fanning insurrection and defying Indian govt may prompt companies to stop advertising on the platform: Report

As per the 'fact checkers', Twitter has scored a 'self goal' by not adhering to the government's directives to remove objectionable content

Govt may arrest Twitter officials if they fail to respect Indian laws and continue to allow their platform to promote hate speech

The centre has made it clear that Twitter has to remove anti-India and Khalistani accounts, especially those accounts which posted hate speech on the platform.

Mumbai Police falls for Arnab Goswami’s parody Twitter account, names it in defamation notice

The complaint lists six tweets put out by the parody account of Arnab Goswami "@arnab5222" to claim that Republic TV chief defamed DCP Trimukhe.

Not just about Trump, and the censorship won’t stop: Leaked video of Jack Dorsey reveals plot of continued political censorship

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey could be seen discussing the platform's long term policy in terms of political censorship

After Facebook and Twitter, YouTube suspends US President Donald Trump’s account

YouTube claimed that Trump uploaded content that allegedly violated its policies, giving it an automatic one-strike

Viral video: Trump supporters allegedly kicked out of flight for discussing support towards the outgoing US President

In another video, a man was seen have a public outburst after he was allegedly not allowed to fly. He alleged that he was called a 'terrorist' and vilified by the airlines.

‘Twitter tolerates Ayatollah, but not Trump’: Twitter erupts after brazen censorship by Twitter

After Donald Trump was permanently suspended from micro-blogging platform Twitter for 'inciting' violence, netizens expressed anger

‘Even those who supported the LDF expressed concern’: Pinarayi Vijayan puts draconian law ‘on hold’ but justifies its necessity

Section 118A of the Kerala Police Act will not be implemented for now and kept in abeyance, CM Pinarayi Vijayan announced on Monday.

It is offensive to pretend that anyone is shocked by Kerala’s draconian new censorship law

The Communists who once ruled Bengal with an iron hand would laugh at his Kerala's new draconian law. Kim Jong Un would be so unimpressed.

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