Monday, December 6, 2021


Freedom of Speech

Mother of irony: Swara Bhasker appeals to Mamata Banerjee, one of the most authoritarian leaders of our times, to save democratic principles

Swara Bhasker appealed Mamata Banerjee to protect the freedom of expression who has been jailing people for memes and cartoons

‘Critics are not trolls, milord’: ‘Faceless and nameless’ troll writes open letter to Chief Justice of India

A 'nameless, faceless but not shameless' troll writes an open letter to the Supreme Court regarding its recent request.

Mumbai Police asks Twitter to act against user for sharing ad video parodying Rahul Gandhi, Congress workers had earlier vandalized company’s office

On April 26, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra had posted the video of an advertisement by Storia Foods and Beverages that was a hilarious parody on Congress prince Rahul Gandhi.

Did you know? Kishore Kumar was banned by Indira Gandhi from singing on the radio for refusing to obey her orders during Emergency

A few days after Indira Gandhi had declared Emergency, the then Information and Broadcasting minister VC Shukla, a close aide of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, wanted Bollywood to promote the 20-point program on All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Anonymous blogger ‘Program Think’, known for exposing the corruption of CCP members, goes missing in China: Here is what we know so far

As per Twitter account @GFWfrog, blogger 'Program-Think' was detained in May and undergoing 'brutal interrogation' in China

US Justice Department takes down 36 Iranian websites from Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union and KH: Read full details

On June 22, the United States Justice Department took down 36 Iranian websites for violating the sanctions issued by the US.

“IT rules framed to address abuse of social media platforms”: Permanent Mission of India to UN responds to Human Rights Council’s concerns

Permanent Mission of India made it clear that the right to freedom of speech is guaranteed under Indian Constitution.

Former US President Donald Trump congratulates Nigeria for suspending Twitter

Trump added that he should have also taken similar steps, but Mark Zuckerberg kept visiting him for dinners at the White House and telling him how great he was.

Congress party forces ABP News to drop former party leader Shehzad Poonawalla from debate on the toolkit

Congress party threatened ABP news that they will participate in a debate on the toolkit if Shehzad Poonawalla is part of it

Comedian Sanket Bhosale who had featured in ad mocking Rahul Gandhi booked for violating Covid-19 norms in Punjab

A week after the vandalism by the Congress workers in Mumbai, the Congress-led Punjab government has now booked comedian Sanket Bhosale, the actor featured in the advertisement, on the pretext of violating Covid-19 regulations during his wedding.

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