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Garga Chatterjee

Kolkata Police arrest TMC supporter Garga Chatterjee in a case in Assam after High Court slammed them for inaction: Read details

TMC supporter Garga Chatterjee arrested in 2-year-old case for insulting Ahom community by calling them Chinese

‘Will never make another SM post,’ ‘Gutkha Pill’ enthusiast Garga Chatterjee apologises to Assamese people for slandering founder of Ahom Dynasty

Loudmouth Trinamool supporter Garga Chatterjee has apologised to the Ahom community after an FIR was registered against him in June.

Kolkata police not cooperating in Garga Chatterjee case: Assam Police who went to arrest the TMC troll for insulting Ahom dynasty founder

CM of Assam called for strict action against Garga Chatterjee for making derogatory remarks against Ahom Dynasty's founder

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