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Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits

SP leader Abu Azmi perpetuates Kashmiri Hindu genocide denial, cites out-of-context RTI to claim ‘only 89’ Hindus were killed

Abu Azmi perpetuated Kashmiri Hindu genocide denial saying 'only 89' Kashmiri Hindus were killed in Kashmir citing an RTI reply out of context

Meeting to remember 33 years of Kashmiri Pandit genocide held at UK Parliament campus, British MP slams BBC documentary as ‘propaganda’: Details

MP Bob Blackman reaffirmed his backing for India and the Kashmiri Hindu community, and reminded them that it was Pakistan's attack on Kashmir that led to the former Maharaja acceding to India.

The Kashmir Files to re-release in theatres on January 19 to mark the observance of The Kashmiri Hindu Genocide Day

The Kashmir Files is set to release on January 19, the day observed as the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide Day.

Instagram agrees with a user that ‘Genocide against Hindus isn’t a crime against humanity’, refuses to take action

Instagram refuses to take action against comment saying 'genocide against Hindus isn't a crime against humanity because they aren’t humans'

A senseless comment of one individual cannot change relations between 2 nations: OpIndia talks to The Kashmir Files producer over comments of Israeli filmmaker

OpIndia talks to The Kashmir Files producer Abhishek Agarwal over the controversy after comments on the movie by Nadav Lapid

Congress and the leftist ecosystem endorse views of Palestine sympathising Israeli filmmaker who denied genocide of Kashmiri Hindus at IFFI 2022

Many members of the 'elite' leftist ecosystem have endorsed views of the Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid who denied the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus at IFFI 2022

Telangana HC rejects actress Sai Pallavi’s petition over her comments on Kashmir genocide, asks her to appear before police

A bench headed by Telangana HC Justice Lalitha Kanneganti rejected the plea brought by actor Sai Pallavi.

‘Write how Kashmiri Hindus were killed, women were raped’: Anupam Kher slams Bhaskar journalist, performs Tripindi Shradh rituals in Varanasi

Anupam Kher told the journalist that instead of preaching others, he should try to write on terrorism in kashmir and how it targeted the Kashmiri Hindus.

From Kashmiri Pandit Makhan Lal Bindoo to Hindu bank manager Vijay Kumar, here are the 10 Hindus killed in 36 weeks in Kashmir

OpIndia has chronicled the names of 10 Hindus who were brutally killed in the last 36 months in targeted terror attacks in Kashmir

Singapore to ban Kashmir Files citing ‘one-sided portrayal of Muslims’, Shashi Tharoor uses it to target Modi govt, Vivek Agnihotri responds

Shashi Tharoor had tried to target the Modi government over reports that Singapore has banned The Kashmir Files so as not to upset its Muslim community.

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