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‘Sandeshkhali a minor issue, amplified by BJP, media’: Ravish Kumar parroting Mamata Banerjee’s statements burnishes his creds as an opposition lapdog

Ravish Kumar claimed that he is an 'impartial journalist' who showcases the rallies of opposition leaders unlike 'Godi Media.'

Will the real ‘Godi media’ please stand up: Ramchandra Guha calls out ‘The Wire’ and propagandist Arfa Khanum Sherwani for being blindly pro-Rahul Gandhi

Ramchandra Guha said, "If we want that the opposition should unite, then you are putting it at a loss by projecting Rahul Gandhi as an alternative to Modi."

‘Inflation is awesome’ and other hilarious ways Indian liberals are out of step with American liberals

I promise you this. You don’t know “Godi media” till you have seen what American liberals will do for their masters. PM Modi does not have the privilege.

Congress and friendly ecosystem dehumanises ‘Godi Media’ so much so that assault, abuse is justified for not being a Modi hater

Congress functionaries, ground supporters, luminaries of the left ecosystem and their online supporters worked in tandem to vilify non-pliant journalists

DMK leader Kanimozhi ‘elected’ as the president of The Hindu’s employees’ union, netizens ask whether the publication is a ‘Godi media’

Malini Parthasarathy, the Chairperson of The Hindu Publishing Group (THGPPL), took to Twitter to say she was delighted that the DMK leader has been re-elected President of The Hindu Office and National Press Employees Union.

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