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Covid-19 surge: No space to bury dead bodies in graveyards, graves being dug in advance to save time, crematoriums break down due to overload

In graveyards in Surat graves are being dug in advance so that people do not have to wait to bury the victims of Covid-19

9,000 dead till 1998, mass graves, malnutrition: Children tortured in Irish Church-run homes, investigation out soon

The report is to laid bare how 9,000 infants and children died in 18 Church run institutions across Ireland between 1922 and 1998

Uttar Pradesh: Communal tension after grave was dug next to a Hindu temple to bury a dead body

As reported by Jagran, in a bid to spoil communal harmony, some people dug up a grave for one Sameer, son of Sakuri, next to a Hindu temple.

After Indore, Malegaon sees surge in burials in Muslim graveyards despite reported low coronavirus related deaths

While there has been a spike in burials in Muslim graveyards, the number of cremations in Malegaon, on the other hand, have remained more or less stable.

Steep rise in dead bodies brought to Muslim graveyards in Indore gives rise to coronavirus scare

While Muslim graveyards have shown a steep rise in burials, the Hindu crematoriums have not seen such rise in number of cremations.

Jharkhand: Masjid Imam issues fatwa against 75-year-old man denying burial for being ‘unIslamic’, being friendly with Hindus and visiting temples

A 75-year-old man Kariman Mian in Jharkhand was denied burial in the graveyard as the Iman of Makri Masjid, Zakir Ansari, issued a fatwa against him for his 'unIslamic' lifestyle.

UP: DM appeals for peace, clarifying that junior official who organised Islamic ritual at court premises has not been punished

Video of Maulanas reciting Quran in Uttar Pradesh's Auraiya's government building had gone viral on social media.

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