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Karnataka: NCPCR team busts illegal orphanage run by Salma and Shameer in Bengaluru, was used to traffick young girls to Kuwait

NCPCR chief Priyank Kanoongo on Friday posted a tweet informing that his team had busted an illegal orphanage being run in Bengaluru.

PFI has well-organised presence in Gulf countries to raise funds, 5 accounts were being used in Delhi: ED tells court

ED has temporarily attached Rs 86.36 lakh from the 24 bank accounts related to PFI following the ban.

6 Gulf states threaten Netlfix with legal action if content violating ‘Islamic values’ is not removed, Saudi media regulator flags LGBT content

Saudi media regulator and GCC, a group of gulf states has threatened Netflix of legal action if it fails to remove anti-Islam content

Gulf CEOs visit Kashmir valley to explore business opportunities

The visit of the CEOs from several Gulf countries comes two months after the UT of Jammu and Kashmir signed six agreements with the global investors at the Dubai Expo 2020.

Iran accuses the US of stealing oil in the Sea of Oman, confrontation reported

Iran accused US of trying to steal oil from Iranian ship in Sea of Oman.

Illegal Islamic conversion racket in India had received Rs 150 crore in foreign funding, reveals Uttar Pradesh ATS

The conversion racket run by Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui had received Rs 150 crore from Gulf countries Bahrain, Britain, Turkey and others

Saudi Arabia releases Karnataka man arrested over ‘blasphemous’ post 2 years ago, was falsely implicated by Abdul brothers for supporting CAA-NRC

Saudi Arabia police arrested Harish Bangera in December 2019, after a 'blasphemous' post was shared from a Facebook account created in his name

After allowing Israelis to visit without visa, UAE stops issuing visas to citizens of 13 countries including Pakistan and Turkey

The decision of UAE to stop issuing visas to citizens of 13 countries is reported to have been taken due to security decisions.

Dubai: Chimera on a spiral towards its death

So are we going to see death of Dubai in 2020, is this the end of it. The answer is no, while the above factors are going to impact Dubai, some of these take a longer-term to play out.

Shashi Tharoor dons ‘Thawb’ and turns Arabic to wish Eid

Shashi Tharoor 'Arabized' himself by posting an image of himself wearing 'Thawb'. He posted the image on the micro-blogging site Twitter on the occasion of Eid.

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