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Email account of US Ambassador to China ‘attacked by Chinese hackers’ days after cyber-espionage campaign unearthed

The breach is said to be limited to unclassified emails but the inboxes of Burns and Kritenbrink reportedly could have exposed details of US administration's planned trips to China and details of its policy towards China.

‘What’s your Twitter worth?’ Twitter blocks malicious links from accessing users’ account information

Other applications from the same website include 'How and when will you die?', 'love calculator', 'Twitter circle' (another famous app), 'Who visited your Twitter profile?' (it was once quite famous on Twitter), 'Twitter Crush' and more.

Chinese hackers stole over 20 million dollars of the US government’s Covid relief benefits, says report

Last month, in three separate cases, the US government charged 13 individuals, including members of China's security and intelligence apparatus and their agents, for alleged efforts to unlawfully exert influence in the United States for the benefit of their government.

Hackers demand Rs 200 crores in cryptocurrency as AIIMS Delhi server remains dysfunctional for 6th day

Delhi AIIMS server remains dysfunctional for the 6th consecutive day as hackers demand a ransom of Rs 200 crores.

India seeks Interpol’s help after hackers from Indonesia, Malaysia wage cyber war against her over Nupur Sharma incident 

The two hackers groups asked Muslim hackers around the world to wage cyber war against over Nupur Sharma’s comments on Prophet Muhammad.

‘Operations carried out by Chinese hacker groups may be linked to China’s geopolitical objectives’: Microsoft issues statement after seizing 42 malicious sites

Microsoft disrupted the operations carried out by Chinese hacking group called Nickel by seizing 42 websites used by them

Clubhouse Data Leak claim: Experts rubbish Hacker’s claims, data contains only numbers that can be collected from anywhere

Hacker group claims that they have got access to over 3.8 billion phone numbers from Clubhouse servers, but their claim seems to be false

OpIndia Exclusive: Tata Communications suffers data leak, hackers claim to have sold access to company’s servers, over 50GB data still up for sale

As per two posts by hackers on a hackers' forum, they have gained access to Tata Communications servers and sold them. data breach: Personal details of over seven lakh users up for sale on Hackers forums – Here is what we know so far

Personal data of over 7 lakh registered users of is available on the hackers' forum for just $350

Mumbai power grid failure may have been a Chinese cyber-attack, says US-based research organisation

A research quoted by NYT says that Chinese malware attack may have caused the massive power grid failure in Mumbai in October 2020.

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