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Zubair accuses PM Modi of stealing credit over relaxations of male escort restrictions for women during Haj; his portal Alt News in 2018 credited...

The Alt News report firmly stated that PM Modi taking credit for allowing Muslim women to go to Haj without Mahram (male guardian) was not wrong.

Plea in court says it is the constitutional right of every Muslim employee of govt to be sent on Haj deputation: Why the argument...

An advocate, Aamir Javed, has filed a plea in the High Court claiming that it is the "constitutional right" of every Muslim employee of the Central and State government to be sent on deployment to Jeddah during the Haj pilgrimage

Supreme Court dismisses pleas seeking GST exemption for Haj and Umrah services

Supreme Court dismissed a slew of petitions seeking GST exemption for Haj and Umrah services provided to pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Hajj committee cancels applications as Saudi Arabia decides to allow only citizens and residents: Details

On June 15, the Hajj Committee of India cancelled all applications for Hajj 2021 after Saudi Arabia decided to curb Hajj due to COVID

Haj Committee tacitly tells Muslims to not comply with the law as logjam between Govt and Muslim clerics continue over IT returns

Since Nov, Muslim clerics have been demanding that the 5% GST levied on Haj pilgrimage and the mandatory filing of tax return be exempt

Modi ministers in five years – Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of Minority Affairs

A look at achievements of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of Minority Affairs

Sam Pitroda’s ‘temples don’t create jobs’ comment must be attributed to malice, because it can’t be ignorance

One wonders if this is 'damage control' by the Congress considering their core vote bank is indeed, the minorities. 

The demand to stop ‘funding’ Hindu pilgrims as Hajj subsidy is gone is dishonest and evil

Such demand has come from some ‘liberal’ Hindus and radical Muslims like Asaduddin Owaisi

How the Hajj subsidy ended, and no, it was not to uphold secularism

A look at how the subsidy was withdrawn and what was the logic given by the courts

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