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Karnataka: Hindu ice-cream shop asked to remove Halal certificate or face boycott, Muslim businessman feel threatened, seek help

Muslim vendors and businessmen in Karnataka complain that Muslim community is being targeted in the state

Haldiram’s trends on social media after TV reporter confronts store employee over “Urdu” text on product packets

A reporter from Sudarshan News TV was seen having an intense debate with a woman employee at a Haldiram's store.

Explained: How an animal is slaughtered in the ‘halal way’ and why stunning may not adhere to Islamic principles

Devout Muslims, who believe that Sharia is valid for all times and places, refuse to adapt to the modern technological advancements in the meat industry.

Why the anti-Halal movement has to be driven by the people

The anti-halal opposition needs to coalesce into a people-driven movement for stakeholders to take cognisance of it.

Kannadigas are set to be branded bigots like Gujaratis: Here is why they need our support

Kannadigas stood strong against the Hijab controversy in colleges and started a campaign against Halal meat.

Why Jhatka lost to Halal, even in India: Understanding the challenges and the way ahead

Halal controversy, started in Karnataka, sparked a debate in the rest of the country - FAQ to help you understand

Halal certification is purely religious: Where does it stop and why is the Govt of India even allowing it

There are already existing government-specified norms, quality parameters and regulatory requirements that companies have to meet to get their products certified fit to be marketed. So why is this parallel system of 'certifying' them for one particular community is even continuing?

Karnataka govt asks BBMP to stun animals before slaughter as it’s ‘humane’, but.. it may be against Halal

Stunning is a process where various methods of shock are used to 'stun' the animal so that it becomes unconscious before slaughter and has a relatively painless death.

Payal Rohatgi, Munawar Faruqui, Zeeshan Khan fight over halal meat debate in Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock Upp, spit on each other

Actress Payal Rohatgi said Halal meat supports terrorism on Lock Upp, later apologized for her statement

Halal is not just a food choice. Why ‘Halal economy’ has to be resisted: 5 things you must know

While Himalaya is forced to get this halal certification to run their business in several countries, this imposition of halal products on non-Muslims has to be resisted in the larger interest of the Indian society

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