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Ilyas gives ‘triple talaq’ to wife, forces her into ‘Nikah-Halala’ with brother-in-law Rafiq, then abandons her

Nikah-Halala according to Islamic customs, is a practice where the divorced wife has to temporarily marry another person, consummate the marriage and get talaq again.

Uttar Pradesh: Man gives triple talaq to his wife, assaults and threatens her with a pistol to perform nikah halala with his father

Muslim man gives triple talaq to his wife, then threatens her with a pistol to have sex with his father in the name of nikah halala

Madhya Pradesh: Farukh pressurises his Hindu wife for halala after giving her triple talaq; case registered

The victim of triple talaq said her husband and in-laws forced her to offer namaz and eat meat during navratri.

Bhopal: Woman given triple talaq by husband, raped by ‘healer’ Anwar Khan on pretext of Halala

Triple talaq is now a punishable offence carrying a three-year jail term. Still, numerous cases are being reported regularly.

Halalonomics is a deeper conspiracy than it seems: OpIndia talks to Ravi Ranjan Singh, Chairman of Jhatka Certification Authority

The chairman of Jhatka Certification Authority, Ravi Ranjan Singh claimed that a part of profits from halal products are diverted for promoting jihadi activities

Supporting Sharia Courts is one of the lowest points of Congress

They wouldn't mind the country burning to get power back

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