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Is Nepal’s Pokhara International Airport another Chinese debt trap? Concerns raised over steep interest rates

If Nepal had looked into alternative financing possibilities, it could have been able to acquire a loan at a cheaper interest rate. The high-interest rates are a major worry for Nepal since they might eventually result in a heavy debt load.

Indian High Comission in Colombo slams China for false insinuation about bullying, interfering in Sri Lankan affairs. Read details

Qi Zhenhong alleged that the decision by the island nation to allow Yuan Wang 5 to berth at the Hambantota port was its sovereign decision.

Sri Lanka asks ship carrying nuclear material for China to leave Hambantota, had docked after developing technical snag

A top official of the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority informed, “The ship failed to declare its dangerous cargo - uranium hexafluoride and we decided to order it to leave our waters immediately.”

DMK leader’s company linked with largest ever FDI in Sri Lankan oil refinery project at USD 3.85 billion

A firm owned by DMK leader S Jagatrakshakan is to carry out the record FDI in Sri Lanka's oil refinery project close to Hambantota port.

A professor of international economics highlights challenges facing Belt and Road Initiative

The BRI faces several challenges which might affect its viability if they are they are not addressed

With the US cutting down aid, Pakistan tries to sell itself to China

With huge debt burden and potential problems it brings, the CPEC might as well become a noose around Pakistan's neck

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