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‘Modi only listens to Hindus’: How children from Harsh Mander-linked Children’s homes were fed poison against Modi govt

NCPCR had said that the management at the homes run by Mander failed to take any action against complaints of child sexual abuse.

Harsh Mander, Julio Ribeiro, Jawhar Sircar and more: Here’s the entire list of retired civil servants Hardeep Singh Puri called ‘Padhe Likhe Murkh’

Hardeep Singh Puri slammed former civil servants for endorsing a letter that called for the halting of Central Vista Project.

Delhi Police’s EOW registers FIR against Harsh Mander’s NGO linked to org that receives funds from Islamist org accused of terror funding: Details

The FIR against CES of Harsh Mander was registered under sections 406, 409, 420 and 120B of the IPC by Delhi Police's EOW..

FIR filed against Harsh Mander following complaints of child sexual abuse at children’s homes run by his NGO, children made to participate in anti-CAA...

The NCPCR had found prevalence of child sexual abuse at a boys' home run by Harsh Mander founded organisation

If laws are to be made and amended on Sonia Gandhi’s NAC’s whims and fantasies why are we even holding elections

The moment the central government tries to bring in reforms, the usual suspects invariably oppose it. They invariably have some connection with Sonia Gandhi's NAC

Children home run by Harsh Mander’s NGO in the dock as NCPCR inspection reveals child sex abuse: Here are the shocking details

NCPCR conducted inspection at the two shelter homes under the scanner, run by an NGO of 'Love Caravan' Harsh Mander.

From the Dara Hua Hindus of Maujpur to Manav’s tragic death and Shaheen Bagh ground report: Top 10 exclusive OpIndia news breaks of 2020

From stories on Grooming Jihad to unmasking 'civil society organizations', OpIndia published a lot of exclusive news stories in 2020.

‘Love Caravan’ Harsh Mander, ‘Ichchhadhaari protester’ Yogendra Yadav and more: The Top 10 villains for the year 2020

Our list of the most heinous villains of the year 2020. And since we are an Indian media outlet, this report is from an Indian perspective.

‘No right to question integrity of successors’: 26 former cops slam Julio Ribeiro for supporting people pushing ‘anti-India and communal narrative’

26 former police officers have written a letter slamming Julio Ribeiro for supporting people who push 'anti-India and communal narrative'.

Julio Ribeiro and Open Letters, a love story better than Twilight: Here are some letters that the former IPS officer has signed

Former IPS Officer Julio Ribeiro has recently written to the Delhi Police complaining of their 'flawed investigation' into Delhi Riots.

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