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If laws are to be made and amended on Sonia Gandhi’s NAC’s whims and fantasies why are we even holding elections

Like, seriously, why are we even a democracy?

In the past six years, if there is one thing that is consistent, it is protesting. The moment the central government tries to bring in reforms, the usual suspects invariably oppose it. It doesn’t matter that they were once rooting for the same reforms when they were in power.

Whether it is the abrogation of Article 370 or Citizenship Amendment Act or the new farm laws, these know-it-alls metamorphose into the protestor of the season and demand full repealing of the laws. It is either my way or the highway for these ‘activists’ who change their cause as per the demand.

Sonia Gandhi’s minions appear out of thin air to ‘fight’ against the ‘fascists’.

Sonia Gandhi’s minions

Like Harsh Mander, the PIL ‘activist’ on wrong side of India’s interest, almost always. Remember how last year he was found inciting Muslim mobs against the Indian State and judiciary? Mander had said that henceforth, decisions pertaining to matters of the state shall not be delivered by the Supreme Court or the Parliament but will be made in the streets.  

And the time he accused the Supreme Court of failing India’s minorities. It is, of course, obvious that when Harsh Mander says ‘minorities’, he does not mean Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs or Parsis.

Harsh Mander was against CAA. He is also against the farm laws. No surprises there, no?

Speaking of surprises, Yogendra Yadav obviously does not come across as one at the protests. A protest veteran, Yadav shifts shape and takes the form of whichever community is protesting. Yadav likes to sometimes identify himself as a ‘concerned citizen’, but he’s more like the grumpy phoophaji at weddings whose sole existence depends on taking an offence.

If there is a reform, Yogendra Yadav is there to protest against it. Or spreading lies. Like Mander, he also wants full repealment of the new laws. A bit rich coming from a man who can’t manage to raise more than 50 bucks to fight elections.

To quote a wise Twitterati, do kaudi ki aukaat, ek kaudi ki zillat. (A two-bit person who thinks too highly of himself gets humiliated because of his delusions.)

NAC: The de facto PMO during Dr Manmohan Singh’s tenure

Sonia Gandhi set up NAC (National Advisory Committee) on 4th June 2004, days after her ‘inner voice’ asked her to step aside and not become India’s Prime Minister. She was hailed as the Christian woman who stepped aside to let Sikh man take oath from Muslim President as Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy.

Files released by government of India in 2017 revealed how NAC overstepped its role of providing inputs in policy formulation to influencing policy decisions. Officers were summoned, reports sought by the NAC headed by Sonia Gandhi. Her decision was final.

Dr Manmohan Singh, as Prime Minister, carried out instructions as given by NAC headed by Sonia Gandhi.

Did you know Harsh Mander, Yogendra Yadav and other clowns had played their roles in various committees of the NAC and formulated various laws themselves? While Mander was a member of the committee that drafted anti-Hindu Communal Violence Bill, Yadav was member of the NAC on Right To Education (RTE). Mander also tried to save 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab from hanging.

Unsurprisingly, other members of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC are also opposing the farm laws. Jean Drèze, who had has spread lies about Modi govt’s maternity scheme is also against these laws. As is another member Shabnam Hashmi who went on to spread fake news amid Punjab farmer protests.

You get the drift, right?

And if we were to implement only what these people (Sonia Gandhi and her minions) have to ‘recommend’, why are we even having a democratically elected government? If Sonia, her son had to disagree, why are they not attending parliament when the bills are discussed and voted? Why use these underhanded tricks of creating chaos?

Are you really that hurt that not only you lost power in 2014, but also lost Amethi in 2019 and are reduced to a caricature of yourself?

CAA, Farm laws, were all passed with legitimate discussion in Parliament

One of the foremost argument these ‘dissenters’ have is that the laws are being implemented too quickly. So, now they have problem with the government actually working as well. How insanely absurd is that.

Worst is, when these laws were tabled as bills in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi was conveniently absent. Now also when Punjab farmers are protesting while on break from vandalising Jio telecom towers, Rahul Gandhi is vacationing in Milan. But now that it can’t be undone, the minions are unleashed.

Like, seriously, why are we even a democracy?

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