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Uttar Pradesh: Farzana weds Virendra Kashyap in a Bareilly temple and becomes Saraswati, seeks police protection after her father files case

Farzana married Virendra Kashyap in a temple in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh and took the name Saraswati.

Khandwa, MP: Raju Saini falls in love and marries a Muslim woman, has a baby girl, and then is beaten and killed brutally by...

On May 13, 2023, when the victim returned to his in-laws' home to bring back his wife and daughter, he was attacked by members of his wife's family.

Pakistan: Hindu man Akash Ram, marketing head of BOL News, abducted in Karachi

Akash Ram, marketing head of BOL News, was abducted from outside his residence in Karachi, on Tuesday.

Uttar Pradesh: Muslim woman in Aligarh booked for forcing her Hindu husband and his family to convert to Islam

A Hindu man in Aligarh registered complaint alleging that his Muslim wife is forcing him to embrace Islam.

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