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Economic exclusion of these sex workers from government and other formal financial institutions is both a cause and an effect of their occupation
The Dalits and Tribals were forced to toil for 19 hours a day with no wages.
It is rather surprising how the Rohingyas' in Jammu have been seen flourishing in the recent past.
The victims were all 9-12 year old when they were abused by church priests, the church never took action against the priests
India has not begun to take even small, tentative steps towards true freedom.
With no data or specific cases mentioned to link any Veda Pathshala to child trafficking
Church finding itself bang in the middle of accusations of blackmail, gangrape and selling babies
Mamta Banerjee, who most proficiently turns every incident into an 'anti-Modi', 'anti-BJP' campaign
This is not the first time that Rajdeep Sardesai has displayed his hypocrisy
We can't let them be protected by the veil of secularism
This comes after 2 nuns and 1 staffer was arrested for human trafficking
Missionaries of Charity had stopped adoption from their organizations way back in 2015.
An unfortunate incident of lynching in Jharkhand was given communal colour by the Huffington Post.

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