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Dublin, Ireland: Angry citizens protest, burn down immigration office after Algerian ‘migrant’ stabs 3 children in a school

The attacker was reportedly stopped by passers-by on the street who subdued him and snatched the knife from him.

Here are the 5 mind-numbingly stupid things that Left-Liberals say

Left-Liberals say the darndest things and the list is endless, however, here are 5 mind-numbingly stupid things they say

31 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants caught at Guwahati Railway Station

Guwahati Railway detained 31 illegal immigrants en route to Bangladesh who had come to India through fraudulent means.

Army Chief expresses concern over illegal immigration, usual suspects accuse him of ‘making it political’

General Bipin Rawat spoke of the role of Pakistan and China behind illegal immigration into India

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