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Here are the 5 mind-numbingly stupid things that Left-Liberals say

Left-liberals are self-proclaimed torchbearers of change but they have no idea what they want to change and they have no idea how they are going to change what they pretend to wish to change.

Left-liberals are self-proclaimed torchbearers of change. They have no idea what they want to change and they have no idea how they are going to change what they pretend to wish to change. However, the process is rather entertaining for the rest of this. Here are 5 mind-numbingly stupid things that left-liberals say:

Open borders! No human being is illegal

The left-liberals harbour the belief that country borders should not exist and that anyone can enter any country any time anywhere.

We are individuals with our own set of beliefs, thoughts, morals and values, but as a country, there are some common values that we all MUST believe in. For example, we believe in a liberated progressive society where women can work and have the freedom they deserve (despite what far-left feminists tell you) and this is not negotiable – for anyone living in this country and anyone wanting to come in.

Unfortunately, our neighbours disagree. They believe a woman wearing anything less than a burqa deserves to be flogged in public or have acid thrown on her face. Sorry, but we have no place for such barbarity in our society – please stay on that side of the border. You want to come in, you follow our rules and you behave yourselves. Period.

Some cultures are better than others and we need to put a wall between ourselves and the terrible ones. Just look at the disasters that are Sweden, Germany, France and the U.K.

I am defying social norms!

Why exactly are they ‘defying social norms’? What have they achieved by doing this? How has it made their life better? What have they gained from this?

One truly gets sick of hearing this from ‘liberal’ millennials all the time. They simply aspire to be different just for the sake of being different:

“I’m a man but I will wear women’s clothing!”

“I will not shave my armpits!”

“I will not wear a bra!”

“I gender-identify as an autistic hippo!”

“I will drink my soy-latte from my nostrils instead of my mouth…”

And then they strut around as if they’ve cured cancer or found the solution to world hunger, while the rest of us are watching them, scratching our heads, wondering, “What are these buffoons even going on about?”

Consider the case of this person – a hirsute man who insists that clothing should not be gender-specific, that is an oppressive rule set by the “evil patriarchy.” Therefore, as an “act of rebellion,” he wears women’s clothes that are… well, “tasteless” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. Add to this the fact that he makes ZERO effort to groom and take care of himself because again that would be “pandering to societal rules.” The result? He looks absolutely hideous, revoltingly ugly, and keeps constantly crying about – “I am so alone! Why does no one want to date me?”

I don’t know, buddy, look in the mirror.

We are living in a Fascist state!

If you’re shouting your lungs out every day about how your government is Fascist and your head of state is “literally Hitler” and nothing happens to you… then you need to tone down the drama. You are NOT living in a Fascist state. If you were, you wouldn’t be so vocal about it.

“But I get so much hate online!”

Really? That’s it? In any free society, you can voice your dissent and disagreement. And some haters/trolls do cross some lines and get really abusive, but calling this Fascism is a bit of a stretch. This is not Fascism, this is just some chubby four-eyed chump using his Jio SIM to type a mean comment on his way back from work on the local from Dadar to Virar, ‘cause that’s the only timepass he has.

If the violence goes offline, guess what – it is illegal! It is NOT government-approved standard operating procedure, unlike an actual Fascist country, where the KGB would come knocking on your door at midnight and cart you away to the nearest… no, the FARTHEST Gulag.

These cries of “Fascism” are attention-seeking tactics employed by smooth-talking professional provocateurs. They know very well the government is not Fascist and won’t go to extreme lengths to silence them, so they deliberately provoke people to a point where some lose patience and react angrily and then BOOM! They run a PR campaign to highlight and exaggerate that one incident and play the victim card to gain public sympathy – “Look at all the hate I’m getting!”

Ironically, these same crusaders of free speech will go out of their way to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideologies. So who really are the Fascists here?

Communism roxx!

Communism – as in “communal” as in “sharing by all members of a community.” An egalitarian, classless society where nobody is rich or poor, there is no private property, everybody owns everything, everybody shares everything, nobody is hungry, everybody’s happy, no capitalists exploiting workers to get rich, all sharing and caring and flowers and sunshine and rainbows… It doesn’t work. Karl Marx failed to take into account the simple truth that humans, like all Darwinian creatures, are competitive.

Inequalities WILL exist in society because all humans are NOT equal. Most people are rich because they are smarter and/or work harder and won the game fair and square. But Marxist theory (fancy name for victim-card playing) disagrees. Marxists believe that the poor are poor not because of bad life choices or they are not intelligent/competent enough or simply because of bad luck, it’s because… “The rich stole from you! Capitalists are exploiting you!” – that is some Bernie Sanders level nonsense right there. Capitalists run the economy. Deal with it.

Communism stems from a misguided sympathy for the poor. Instead of fixing flaws in capitalism, their solution is this massive wealth redistribution program. Basically, all the money is put into a large pool and everyone gets an equal share. At least in theory. There is a very obvious problem that with such a large pool of money, there will inevitably be rampant corruption, embezzlement and mismanagement. Besides, you cannot FORCE equality. If I’m going to be “equal” to everyone anyway, then why bother working hard at all? I’ll just sit back and chill, the government will pay me anyway. They’ll take money from the rich and put it in my pocket. Such a demotivated workforce will bring down the collective productivity of a nation. The country eventually spirals into poverty, famine and starvation. 100 million+ people died under communist regimes in the 20th century, just saying.

Down with Capitalism!

“Capitalist” for most millennials is a fat, overfed billionaire sitting at a lavish spread and whipping away at emaciated workers who break their backs to fund his gluttony. Why such a negative image?

Capitalists are people who take risks by investing their capital – money, time, manpower, resources – to create a product or service that they hope to sell for a profit. They provide employment to people, provide a useful product/service to consumers, pay taxes and generate wealth. Someone has to do it. The capital doesn’t necessarily have to be billions, there is no lower limit to the money.

The most beautiful part of capitalism is, companies compete to create the best product for the lowest price and therefore there exists an automatic quality control mechanism. It’s survival of the fittest. Ever wondered why government services are so terrible? Because of the monopoly. They are the ONLY service providers, no fear of losing out to competition, they can slack off and take it easy. What incentive do they have to act professionally? A guy at a government office can ask you for a bribe, be an absolute jerk, but you have no option but to put up with it. Where else will you go? In a competitive capitalist system, you could simply take your business elsewhere.

Let capitalists provide you with goods and services instead, they will do a way better job. Not because they are better, very noble, human beings, it’s because they HAVE to behave themselves or lose customers to the competition. Unlike the smug-faced government employee who has job security no matter what he does.

The best thing the government can do to help people create wealth is “NOT interfere.” Red tape and over-legislation hinder productivity. Just do some quick online research about how laughably bad Soviet Russian cars were, you’ll get my point.

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