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Huge numbers of Hindus had come to India from Bangladesh after independence due to religious persecution, and they need the protection of citizenship of amendment bill
The NRC is being prepared under the direct monitoring of the Supreme Court.
Reportedly, most of the Rohingya immigrants had gone to Saudi Arabia carrying Bangladeshi passports which were obtained using fake documents.
Even after more than 3 decades, most provisions of the Assam Accord 1985 remains unfulfilled
Amit Shah accused opposition parties of using illegal immigrants as a vote bank for 70 years and said that they are now a threat to the country
The names appear in voters' list of few constituencies near Hyderabad
The government has already deported 7 Rohingyas from Assam to Myanmar
The Pseudo-liberals have seemed to develop a penchant of opposing whatever the government is trying to implement
The Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently clarified that Rohingyas are considered to 'illegal immigrants' and could pose a security threat.
There is a constant attempt by liberal scholars who cultivate the thought that nationalism is subservient to constitutionalism
The Supreme Court monitored exercise was conducted in Assam to weed out illegal immigrants
Mamata Banerjee has been trying to paint the BJP as anti-Bengali.
The NIA has arrested Bangladeshi nationals related to various terror cases in the country
After consistent vandalism of the page on the Tripura CM, Wikipedia has locked the page to stop vandalism
A narrative seems to be being built to guilt Indians on the illegal immigrants' issue
Home Minister Rajnath Singh has repeatedly assured that people can reapply with objections within 30 days
Assam shares a border of 262 kilometers with Bangladesh.
The amendment seeks to grant Indian citizenship to Hindus and other non-Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Over and above the 14,000 UNHRC registered Rohingyas, about 40,000 illegal immigrants are estimated in India.
Three other Rohingyas were arrested from the same town in March as well.
The Northeastern state has witnessed several brutal crimes against within a very short span of time
Koena Mitra has earlier tweeted a quote of Ashin Wirathu, the Buddhist Monk
Are the Rohingyas a sinister plot to change the demography of Jammu?
Army chief's speech is a comprehensive warning to the politicians and people of Assam

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