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IMD predicts rare ‘Twin Cyclones’: Cyclone Tej in Arabian Sea, Hamoon in Bay of Bengal, the first such event since 2018

According to the IMD, a cyclone named ‘Tej’ is brewing in the Arabian Sea, while cyclone ‘Hamoon’ in the Bay of Bengal is still in a premature stage.

Southwest monsoon hits Kerala; Cyclone Nisarga to hit Gujarat, Maharashtra coasts on 3rd

Four-month long monsoon sets in Kerala, to progress in other parts of the country from June to September.

Chennai wakes up to smog, did Delhi do it? IMD says no, weather bloggers say maybe

While weather bloggers believe that pulled air from north India is responsible for increased pollution levels in Chennai, the IMD asserts that it is impossible

Cyclone Fani expected to escalate into an extremely severe storm

Severe weather conditions expected in coastal Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha.

Indian Meteorological Department – What to make of them?

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is one of those departments where the government needs to invest more with the latest technologies and equipments.

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