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Pakistan Air Force jets tried to enter Indian air force but they were detected and forced to go back by Indian defence forces
Shastrijis relatives hoped that the questions which remained answered till now will be brought to the fore soon through Vivek Agnihotri's undaunted efforts.
Smjhuata express blast that occurred in 2007 in Panipat Haryana had claimed the lives of 68 people including about 43 Pakistani nationals.
Pakistan has deployed an entire squadron of F-16 fighters along its eastern front, says report.
Pakistan has been resorting to repetitive ceasefire violations along the Line of Control after the Indian air strikes on Balakot.
Pakistan resorted to heavy shelling towards posts in India and villages in Kamalkote area of Uri in Baramulla district
Indian Government has made new revelations about the attempt by Pakistan yesterday to attack Indian military bases. Following India’s air strike on terror camps in Pakistan on the early hours of 26th February, Pakistan Air Force fighters had tried to enter the Indian air space, but they are chased back by Indian Air Force MiG-21 jets which were on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) at that time. Indian jets had shot down an F-16 jet of Pakistan, while a MiG-21 had crashed inside Pakistan controlled Kashmir, and the pilot was captured by locals and handed over to Pakistani Army. According to...
It has been reported that PAF actually scrambled some F-16s after the Indian air strike, but seeing India's massive formation of airborne fighter jets and other aircraft, it hastily backed down.
Not so long ago, Man Booker prize winner and well-known Naxal sympathiser Arundhati Roy had claimed that the Rafale fighter jets are aircraft carriers.
The drone was reportedly shot down at 6:30 am at Kutch border in Gujarat
Congress spokesperson Surjewala has even gone to the extent of calling the suicide bomber a 'homegrown so-called terrorist'.
Due to hike in customs duty on Pakistani imports, Indian importers are not able to clear the shipments
Pakistani administration has asked people to stay in underground bunkers, which could protect them from shelling or any form of attacks which could come from the other side of the border.
Some media reports had said that Norway has offered to mediate between and Pakistan, misquoting Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg
Muslims in the area are rapidly abandoning their Rajasthani culture and embracing Arab influence.
Some journalists even thought of themselves as messengers of peace as they crossed the border
If the corridor is completed by both the countries, Sikhs in India will be able to visit the Kartarpur Sahib in Pakitan easily
India has called it a violation of “India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
The Pakistani Chief Justice was speaking at an International Symposium on water conservation.
Singh is also expected to review the situation on the border and assess the progress in various infrastructure projects.
India had made it clear that bilateral talks will not happen if Pakistan continues supporting terrorist outfits operating in Kashmir.
Eight of the terror launch pads have been activated after Imran Khan took charge as Pakistan's PM
Few days back, 3 cops were abducted and killed by Hizbul terrorists after threatening them to quit or die.
The MHA and Jammu and Kashmir police rejected the reports of police resignations as 'untrue and motivated'.
The IAF chief insisted that Rafale and S-400s are crucial to boost India's combative strength for a two-front war.
The Centre recently sanctioned the construction of 14,460 bunkers costing Rs 415.73 crore for people living along the borders
The Al Badr was outlawed by the Government of India on April 1, 2002, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act on April 28, 2002.
The arrested Pakistani nationals are suspected of helping terrorists seeking to infiltrate

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