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‘India landed on moon, Karachi reporting about kids dying in open gutters’: Pak MP shows the mirror to Pakistan govt

Syed Mustafa Kamal, a member of Pakistan's MQM-P party, also highlighted that 26.2 million children in the country do not go to school, saying "the number is more than the population of 70 countries".

Talk to Pakistan else Kashmir will become Gaza: Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah claimed, “If we do not find a solution through dialogue, we will meet the same fate as Gaza and Palestine, which are being bombed by Israel.”

‘No beef to eat’: Pakistan media laments over food options available to the cash-strapped nation’s cricket team during World Cup

A Pakistani media website lamented that its cricket team won't get beef to eat during its stay in India for world cup.

Pakistan: Bike-hailing app Bykea gets hacked, users receive PKMKB and other abusive notifications

Pakistani bike-hailing and parcel-delivery app Bykea hacked and users recieve abusive messages, Pakistanis blame India

Russia faces sports sanctions across the board while India continues to play with Pakistan: A contested diplomatic opportunity lies ahead

When Europe and the West decide to go well beyond the supposed rules-based order to target Russia, maybe there is much reason for India to show Pakistan its place through Cricket.

When Karan Thapar tried to undermine India’s win in 1971: Here is what Sam Manekshaw said in the interview

In the interview on BBC's Face-to-Face in the year 1999, Karan Thapar was heard undermining India's heroic triumph in the 1971 war

Pakistanis abduct Hindu girls whenever they lose a cricket match to India: What Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar Hindu refugee revealed to OpIndia

Refugee from Pakistan living in Delhi's Adarsh Nagar told OpIndia that when Pak lost cricket match to India, they would abduct Hindu women

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova goes on a rant against India after the India-Pakistan T20 match: Here is why she is wrong

Martina Navratilova displays ignorance about relation between India and Pakistan, asks why Indians can’t support Pakistan in sports

NDTV reports that Kashmir students were ‘attacked’ at Punjab college after India-Pak match but skips one essential detail

NDTV forgets to mention in its report that the Kashmiri students chanted Pakistan Zindabad and 'azaadi' slogans following the team's victory over India in a T20 World Cup match which led to the brawl

Blast from the past: Unseen picture of Congress delegates, including Jawaharlal Nehru, voting in favour of the partition of India goes viral on the...

The picture is from Delhi Congress session on 14t June 1947, during which the resolution for India's partition was passed by Nehru & others

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