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Indian American Muslim Council

X (formerly Twitter) withholds accounts of ‘Indian American Muslim Council’ and ‘Hindus For Human Rights’, known for anti-India propaganda

As per Disinfo Lab, Hindus for Human Rights was formed in the year 2019 by Indian American Muslim Council and the Organization for Minorities of India.

Anti-India Islamist and leftist groups plan protests during PM Modi’s US visit, prepare “Modi Not Welcome,” “Save India from Hindu Supremacy” banners

Islamists and anti-India organisations have planned protests during PM Modi's state visit over alleged human right violations in India

IAMC, with links to Islamic terror orgs, extends support to wrestlers, along with Kashmiri terrorist Yasin Malik and anti-CAA Islamists: Details

IAMC had been caught spreading fake news and misinformation to further the Islamist cause in India. It had also been slapped with the UAPA in 2021

The Wire’s Arfa Khanum is to give a lecture on ‘Downgrading of India’s democracy’ at UMass but skips mentioning this little detail

The Wire's editor Arfa Khanum Sherwani to give lecture at event sponsored by Indian American Muslim Council on 'Downgrading of Democracy in India'

Jamaat-e-Islami backed IAMC hounds Sambit Patra, begs US govt to revoke visa: Read about background of controversy and propaganda by Islamists

The National spokesperson of the BJP, Sambit Patra, was invited to be the Grand Marshal of the 'India Day' parade in Edison township of New Jersey

Indian American Muslim Council posts a long rant against Uttarakhand govt wanting to implement UCC, says it would lead to “erasure” of Muslims

Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) has posted a statement against the Uttarakhand govt's decision to introduce UCC

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