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Japan authorities have requested the Piyush Goyal-led Railway Ministry to send a team of Mithila artists so that Japan can emulate the art form on its trains. 
The transition of the sun into the Capricorn (Makar) constellation marks the end of winter and is celebrated across India by many names.
The Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan has already converted eight churches across the world into Hindu temples, out of which five are in the US itself.
For a global participant like India, which is known for its cultural equity, it is very important for decision makers to resist from sounding aloof or foreign.
Maa Shailaputri rides a bull and carries a lotus in Her left hand and a Trishul in Her right hand.
Today we will again wake up in the wee hours and collectively invoke the Devi to descend on this mortal world
Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s vision has to be the right way forward.
We believe in empowering each Bharatiya so that Bharatiyata in them blooms like the lotus of BJP.
The Charter for Hindu Demands is set to be presented to the Prime Minister
This initiation of ‘Samvad’ by RSS with the civil society, political and social organisations has shed many myths about RSS
Rakshabandhan will be celebrated on Sunday, 26th August
As many as 100 coaches of different trains are being painted with traditional Mithila art under instructions of East Central Railway Division
Japan worships a host of Hindus Gods and Goddesses although they are not always aware of their origins.
It will be up to the discretion of the students whether to chant the mantra.
The state government has initiated the process of getting back the stolen idols.
I hope they get great storytelling guides, books and souvenirs also to complete the experience. 
She attributed the statement to Sita and overall received a lot of flack
Hidden gems from our Constitution
The purpose of the lives of the Indian philosophers was the exploration of the eternal truth. And the eternal truth was not to be found in the world outside, but the world within.

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