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As a part of the largest reform programme of the defence forces, the Modi government has been trying ways to "optimise" the size of the military forces
India is overly defensive. Despite its massive economic and military power, it does not respond to grave provocations (26/11, for example). It does not retaliate when attacked. It tolerates countless attacks on its citizens and affronts to its prestige.
The axiomatic call of duty rooted in a soldier has always been respected by this Government and given utmost importance
Police confirmed that the two teenagers had joined the Lashkar-e-Taiba, immediately after they went missing on August 31
The 'hand-in-hand' military dril will focus on counter terrorism operations and will promote mutual understanding between the two militaries.
The commander accused Pakistan of trying to spread terrorism in India beyond Kashmir
Azad also claimed that the NDA government was planning a massacre in Kashmir.
The latest is an arrest of a cook who was working as an ISI agent

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