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Preserving sanctity amid theatrics: A stricter stance on pollution, and pilgrim footfall needed at Kedarnath Dham and other sacred, sensitive places

The group comprising 44 boys and 18 girls were playing Dhol Tasha outside Kedarnath temple when one of the priests objected and warned them not to play it any more. Video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Instagram influencer Bhupendra Jogi, whose reel mocking Dhruv Rathee went viral, attacked by unknown assailants: Read what happened

While returning from his shop, two masked assailants attacked Bhupendra Jogi in the New Market area at around 9 PM. He tried to save himself but sustained severe injuries and ended up getting around 40 stitches on the back and on his right arm.

Instagram influencer Amaan Tanwar spews hate against non-Muslims, urges his followers to smash the skull of those who are anti-Islam

An Instagram reel by Amaan Tanwar has gone viral on Twitter wherein he is seen inciting Muslims to commit violence against non-Muslim

‘Only Allah can judge him’: Muslim fanboys pray for an early release of Andrew Tate, arrested in a human trafficking and rape case

Despite the serious nature of allegations against Andrew Tate, his Muslim fans prayed to facilitate his early release.

Uorfi Javed now claims Chitra Wagh’s police complaint is making her ‘suicidal’

A day after Uorfi Javed lashed out at BJP leader Chitra Wagh for filing a police complaint against her, she claimed that she is getting 'suicidal

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