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Iran has warned Pakistan that if it didn’t act against terror groups operating on its land, Iran will be forced to initiate action.
Iran warns Pakistan of consequences after a suicide bombing killed many of its personnel.
With Iran threatening retaliation after Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured Indians that there will be consequences, the signs appear to be ominous for Pakistan.
The Chabahar project provides excellent connectivity opportunity to countries like Iran, Afghanistan and most importantly, bypasses the Pakistan land corridors and Karachi port to transport goods to the Central Asia region
Hyrbyair Marri will highlight human rights violations by Pakistan and Iran in the Balochistan region
Iran has warned Pakistan to curb the cross-border terrorism, nurtured on Pakistan's soil and sent to Iran, else it will execute a military operation on its soil.
The US has been repeatedly warning Pakistan to take necessary measures to curb terror outfits operating inside its territory.
Chabahar is one of the most important strategic areas of influence for India
India-US relations for the moment are several notches down than they have ever been since Trump came to power.
Soumya Swaminathan has stated that the Islamic law of a compulsory headscarf is a violation of her basic personal rights
Ancient Indian wisdom which travelled across the world, reaches home centuries later.
The current visit of the president is expected to further strengthen Indo- Iran ties
31-year old woman who stood up against Islamic Fundamentalism is missing
The investment deal in Chabahar was signed by PM Modi in May 2016.
A functional Chabahar port would mean India won't be dependent on Pakistan for trade routes
Head of the Iranian armed forces has warned Islamabad that Tehran would retaliate against the Sunni terrorists.

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