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Ireland: Probe launched against MMA fighter Connor McGregor over ‘hate speech’ after he criticised the govt for Dublin stabbing: Report

Connor McGregor has been an outspoken critic of the current "progressive centre" government led by Fine Gael party.

Washington Post and BBC falsely claim the Dublin attacker was not an immigrant – here is the truth

BBC and Washington Post falsely claimed the Dublin stabbing attacker was not an Algerian immigrant.

An innocent child was ‘lost’: Indian-origin Irish PM downplays kidnapping of Jewish kid by Hamas from Israel, refuses to call out terror outfit

Emily Hand was abducted by Hamas terrorists from Israel during the terrorist attack on 7th October.

Dublin, Ireland: Angry citizens protest, burn down immigration office after Algerian ‘migrant’ stabs 3 children in a school

The attacker was reportedly stopped by passers-by on the street who subdued him and snatched the knife from him.

“We will do what happened on October 7th again and again”: Muslim student threatens Jewish students in Ireland’s University College debate on Palestine

University College debate in Ireland’s capital Dublin on the ongoing Palestine conflict witnessed chaotic scenes with some Muslim students shouting down Jewish students and threatening them of large-scale violence.

Ireland: Iraqi-Kurdish man Yousef Palani sentenced to life for brutally murdering two gay men, police say he was ‘not radicalised’

23-year-old Iraqi-Kurdish man Yousef Palani has been sentenced to life for murdering two gay men in Ireland last year

Ireland: Farmers on streets as govt wants to kill 200,000 cows to meet ‘climate change goals’

Farmers in Ireland protest to save their cows from govt's plan aiming to kill 200,000 cows in three years

In Ireland, you could go to prison if you share anything deemed ‘hateful’ by fact-checkers: How this is a ‘liberal’ paradise

Ireland is slowly inching towards becoming a liberal paradise as it passed a draconian law under the guise of curbing ‘hate speech’.

Lord Mountbatten accused of sexually abusing man 45 years ago, FBI files say he had lust for young boys, case filed by victim: All...

According to Lownie's book, Lord Mountbatten's favourite place was a gay brothel frequented by naval officers.

9,000 dead till 1998, mass graves, malnutrition: Children tortured in Irish Church-run homes, investigation out soon

The report is to laid bare how 9,000 infants and children died in 18 Church run institutions across Ireland between 1922 and 1998

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