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Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu responds to Joe Biden saying US won’t provide offensive weapons for Rafah mission – ‘Israel will stand alone, pressure won’t...

Rejecting international pressure to halt the war in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that if "forced," Israel will "stand alone" in its war against Hamas. 

Demography is destiny: How the most Muslim city of Sweden, that celebrated ‘all night’ after the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel, looks...

Thousands of Muslims living in Malmö have been participating in violent celebrations and anti-Israel demonstrations.

Boycott of Israel, Sharia compliant ‘pension for Muslims’ and more: Read how Muslim vote bank is now dictating UK politics

The ‘Muslim vote’ which is supported by several controversial organisations submitted a list of 18 demands to Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.

Pro-Palestine protests now spread to Europe’s Universities and so does the crackdown, Dutch police breaks up pro-Palestinian camp at Amsterdam University 

According to a police spokesperson, one police officer suffered hearing damage and it is still unclear how many other people may have been injured at Amsterdam University.

Crackdown on the last Hamas stronghold in Gaza: Israel takes control of Rafah Crossing, launches precise counter-terrorism operation against Hamas

Taking to X, the IDF informed about the operation and said: “A precise counterterrorism operation to eliminate Hamas terrorists and infrastructure within specific areas of eastern Rafah began overnight, based on intelligence.”

‘No proof of Islamic terrorism’: Rana Ayyub whitewashes Islamists who brutalised Israelis in October 7 attack and regularly persecute Hindus

Donation fraud accused Rana Ayyub in a recent interaction with Middle East Eye said there is no proof of Islamic terrorism.

Hamas Megaphones would not have freedom of expression: Netanyahu govt shuts down Al Jazeera in Israel, issues orders to close offices and confiscate equipment...

On Sunday (5th May), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led Israeli government authorised the shutdown of Al Jazeera News Networks’ operations in the Jewish nation-state

Hostile Maldives? Indian tourists assaulted, Israeli woman kicked out as tiny Island nation sinks deep into Islamic radicalisation

The Maldives Parliament recently unanimously voted on a resolution condemning Israeli aggression on Palestine, thus prohibiting the entry of Israeli passport holders and the import of Israeli-made goods.

USA: Columbia University bans anti-Israeli protest leader over calls for Jewish genocide; 550 arrested across US campuses over support for terror group Hamas

Jewish students have shared that they have been made to feel unsafe due to antisemitic undertones at the demonstrations in support of Hamas.

You will stay here with me, have my children: Israeli teenage hostage reveals Hamas terrorist proposed with a ring, reunited her with kidnapped mother...

Noga was with her parents at home in Kibbutz Be’eri when Hamas terrorists broke through Israel and held people hostage.

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