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Jawaharlal Nehru

Chandra Shekhar Azad death anniversary: When his nephew Sujit said that it was Nehru who got the revolutionary killed by the British: Details

Sujit Azad alleged that Nehru informed the British about the presence of Chandra Shekhar Azad at Alfred Park because other than Nehru and his fellow HRA members, nobody else knew that he was coming there

As Biden, Macron, Sunak thank India for historic aircraft orders, read how Nehru and his socialist policies had ruined Air India’s growth trajectory

On Tuesday, Air India entered into a historic deal and signed letters of intent with Airbus and Boeing to acquire as many as 470 Boeing and Airbus planes.

‘Why are Nehru’s own descendants not using his surname’: PM Modi in Rajya Sabha says the nation is not the property of one family

PM Modi said, "If Nehru Ji is not mentioned in some programs, some people get annoyed. They become angry. I don't understand why his own descendants are afraid to use Nehru's surname."

Dilip Kumar’s old video, where he talks about boldly shutting down Indira Gandhi’s criticism of ‘poor films’ in Bollywood, goes viral

This speech by the late actor explains why the films made in the first few decades after Indian independence, during the Congress rule, highlighted poverty.

This 1934 story of Bania moneylender and Muslim zamindar from Karachi punches hole in ‘Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb’, read

When a Bania moneylender chose to kill the Muslim Zamindar who asked him to slaughter a cow after refusing to return the money he had borrowed.

Throwback to the time the Nehru-Gandhi family used national assets as private property as Congress tries to portray ‘Container Yatra’ as frugal

As the 'Container Yatra' of the Congress party is set to begin, here is a throwback in time when 'The Family' used national assets as private property.

‘If probed, it will lead to a big expose’: Three-time UP CM reveals in his memoir how ‘Nehru-Indira mouthpiece’ National Herald was funded

Deceased Congress leader Chandra Bhanu Gupta recounted in his book how funds were collected for National Herald.

Did you know: Muslim League politician who fought for separate Pakistan was a speaker in Indian assembly the night Nehru delivered his “tryst with...

Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman, a Muslim League politician who fought for the division of India, the creation of a separate Pakistan, and indeed moved to Pakistan after partition where he became the first president of Muslim League (Pakistan).

While the Nation celebrated its 75th year of Independence, here is how ‘The Hindu’ chose to worship Nehru and sound despondent

Left with no choice to adopt it, the Congress party came up with what they know best – worship Nehru and his dynasty even while referring to the Indian flag! 

Did you know: Nehru wanted ‘date with destiny’ in his I-Day speech but his PA changed it to ‘tryst with destiny’ because ‘date’ had...

Nehru heeded his PA’s advice and changed ’date’ with ‘tryst’ in his I-day speech because of the former’s romantic overtones.

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