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Instead of tendering an apology for his lies, Rahul Gandhi repeats his lies on Rafale deal
Supreme Court dismissed petitions for an enquiry into Rafale deal pricing, offset partner selection and procurement procedure. Read scathing observations
There should be uniform law for all Indian citizens, and anybody opposing the Indian laws and constitution cannot be considered as citizens of the country, Meghalaya High Court noted
When you could not pass an engineering degree in nine years how can you clear 17 compartments in one attempt, the court asked.
As per various reports, they are currently examining the details submitted by GOI in response to the petition against the Rafale deal
Government will submit affidavit that price detail of Rafale can't be revealed
It is about time the Delhi Government takes cognizance of the need to find a solution to the chronic problem of pollution that the citizens face.
The apex court has declared that section 497 of IPC is unconstitutional
The High Court has thus ordered the removal of illegal encroachment
While the nation awaits the court's judgement, it is safe to say that this will go down as a truly historic day in the Indian society.
Congress's allegations have gaping loopholes that cannot be ignored.
Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance and cruelty
The ones who pursued this case slammed the judgement and Congress

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