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Theory of ‘Basic Structure’ and its impact on NJAC: Why a synthesized NJAC would be better than the Collegium system

In 2015, the SC struck down the NJAC Act, asserting that it violated the basic structure of the Constitution and upheld the primacy of the collegium system.

Marital rape debate: Case right now, arguments for criminalisation, and 5 arguments that need to be considered before legislating

A High Court bench is hearing a batch of petitions that argues against the 'marital rape' exception in the Indian Penal Code.

No, the death of Stan Swamy is not “judicial murder”. Here is the truth

Multiple media reports and so-called activists have claimed that terror accused Stan Swamy's death at hospital due to medical complications is 'judicial murder'. Here is a lowdown of the facts

Chaiwala’s government is watching everyone: CBI chargesheet reveals how former judges and associates discussed bribes in code-words

Ex-judge IM Quddusi and his associate Agarwala used code words such as Ped(tree) and Gamla(plant) while referring to the bribe amount over getting favourable orders for the Prasad Institute Of Medical Sciences.

DK Shivakumar has hit a triple century, has acquired 300 properties with disproportionate funds: ED tells court

Pleading to the court for granting bail, Shivakumar's lawyer and Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi stated that the former Karnataka minister has already spent 45 days inside the jail.

P Chidambaram’s judicial custody extended till October 17 by CBI court

P Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI on August 21. He is currently lodged in the Tihar jail.

The Judiciary is the new ideological battleground which is being exploited by career ‘activists’

The judicial activists want to slap their morality and their brand of ethics on the entire populace through the legal system.

The curious case of the ‘Hindu Court’

A Hindu outfit, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha announced on Wednesday that the group has set up India’s first ‘Hindu court’.

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