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Justice K Joseph objects to ‘Yato Dharmastato Jayah’ as Supreme Court motto, had once equated Catholic Church to preamble of constitution

Speaking at an event organised by The Wire, former Justice Joseph raised objection on the Supreme Court's motto urging CJI to change it

Netizens express shock as media reports suggest Justice Joseph smiled at calls for genocide of Brahmins

Supreme Court on Wednesday was hearing a contempt plea regarding alleged hate speech made against Muslims in Maharashtra when the argument took place.

The court must not call out Sudarshan News for speaking for the rights of Dalits and calling out a Dalit leader who just would...

Justice Joseph castigated Sudarshan News on Friday over the manner in which Congress leader Udit Raj was treated.

Turf war between Government and Judiciary witnesses a showdown in Supreme Court

The Government has been facing accusations that it has been sitting on recommendations made by the Collegium.

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