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Kerala High Court

With over 5 crore cases pending in Indian judiciary, Kerala High Court delves into how long should reviewers wait before reviewing a movie

The report of Kerala High Court's Amicus Curiae suggested that cooling-off period before reviews will allow viewers to form their opinions.

Human lives more important: Kerala HC asks ‘dog lovers’ to take responsibility for stray dogs

Kerala HC said while human beings should be given preference over stray dogs, barbaric attacks on dogs shall not be allowed.

‘Not Untouchability’: Kerala HC upholds tradition of Sabarimala, Malikappuram temples over appointment of Malayala Brahmin only as Melsanthi (chief priest)

The Court dismissed the writ petitions on the ground that they had no merit and lacked proper pleadings.

Kerala High Court suspends two officials on Republic Day over derogatory stage show against Modi govt

The Kerala High Court highlighted that the decision of their suspension was taken by the Chief Justice in the public interest.

Muslim women need not register for divorce obtained under Muslim Personal Law: Kerala HC

The Kerala HC noted if the divorce is acquired under Muslim personal law, a Muslim woman does not need to go to court to record talaq.

‘Supposed to guard the nation, protect integrity of its citizens’: Kerala HC denies bail to soldier Anwar Hussain who promised cash to 13-year-old boy...

Kerala HC denied bail to soldier Anwar Hussain who is accused of persuading a minor boy to have sex with him for money.

‘Should we be so intolerant?’: Kerala High Court on plea against Malayalam film ‘Antony’ over gun inside a Bible scene

"How do you know this is the Bible? …The statement states it was as a fleeting moment…it was such brief that it could not be registered in the mind of the viewer…"

Hadiya, who had converted to Islam after marrying a PFI Islamist, found living with her second husband, Court dismisses family’s petition

Hadiya's family had petitioned the Kerala High Court, claiming that they had been unable to locate her for the past month.

No crackers shall be burst in religious places at odd time: Kerala High Court orders raid on all religious places to seize ‘illegal’ firecrackers

"Even if the licences are issued, they should not be issued, for bursting causes noise and air pollution also. Crackers are busted at odd hours disturbing peace," the court noted.

Kerala High Court denies request for saffron flags at Hindu temple, says temple premises not a place for political activities

Kerala High Court says saffron flags are political, denies permission to use them at a Hindu temple

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