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Shashi Tharoor slammed for trying to downplay killing of RSS workers in Kerala

On Twitter, Shashi Tharoor shared an incomplete and misleading data on political murders in Kerala.

Communists get support of Muslim fundamentalists in Kerala: RSS leader

CPM returned to power in Kerala with active support from Muslim fundamentalists, J Nandakumar says.

Kerala Muslims being mobilised to become lawyers for fighting against “Islamophobic” judiciary

This story has been broken by the Kochi Post and hints at focus area of 'minority activism'

Radicals threaten to cut off Malayali author’s limbs if he doesn’t convert to Islam

Islamists were unhappy with articles written by him and have threatened to chop of an arm and a leg.

ISIS might have lost Mosul in Iraq, but an ISIS 2.0 is taking shape globally

ISIS is rebranding itself through a mix of a local insurgency and digitally-connected global jihadis, including Indians.

How #NotInMyName morphed into an anti-Hindu campaign

Many protesters failed to hide their real agenda of politics and hate while pretending to care for 'humanity'.

25 Muslim families denied entry in Mosque because they had joined BJP

The incident happened in Tripura, and local CPM leadership is also involved in this matter.

Kerala’s district, from where youths went to join ISIS, gets a ‘Gaza street’

Gaza is the disputed strip of land between Israel and Egypt that is part of Palestinian territories.

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