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Kevin Pietersen

‘What’s wrong with London’: Cricketer Kevin Pietersen and many others ask as violent street crimes spike in UK capital

England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen reshared a video of a recent knife attack in a train in London and voiced his concerns about the staggering rate at which street crimes in the city has been on the rise

‘Most fabulous country’: Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen heaps praise on India after Modi Govt offers help to African countries

Former cricketer Kevin Pietersen described India as the "most fabulous country" with warm hearted people.

Pakistanis and Islamists attack former England cricketer after he thanked ‘beloved country’ India for Covid-19 vaccines

Kevin Pietersen, former England cricketer, has expressed his gratitude towards India after Covid-19 vaccines reached South Africa.

Those doubting response of India amidst Coronavirus outbreak, need to hear what Kevin Pietersen had said back on 1st April

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli had gone on a live chat session on April 1 on Instagram with Kevin Pieterson about UK and India's Coronavirus response

Andrew Strauss dominated social media today and here is why

What did ex-cricket say when they came to know that Kevin Pietersen will not play for England this summer

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