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“Ladki cheez hi aisi hai…”, Sarwar Chishti of Ajmer Dargah on the 1992 Ajmer Sharif rape scandal

Sarwar Chishti said, "Man may not be corrupted by money, may not be morally corrupt even. But a girl is such a thing that can corrupt anyone."

Rajasthan: After threats of beheading, Khadim Sarwar Chishti of Ajmer dargah calls for an economic boycott of Hindus

Sarwar Chishti - a khadim (servant) of Ajmer dargah - has asked Muslims to boycott Hindu shops near the dargah

As Suhail Chisty surrenders, we remember the sordid tale of India’s own Rotherham

Ajmer scandal saw mass exploitation, rape and blackmail of young girls by a gang of powerful people

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