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How Khalistanis spread a corrupted version of partition to separate Punjab from its Hindu identity and further their agenda of geographical separation

Khalistanis don't want people to think that partition was India's loss, they don't think it was a loss for Hindus; they peddle the narrative that Punjab sacrificed land and life so naturally, for them, Sikhs sacrificed land and life and hence Sikhs, as per Khalistanis, have a divine right to a separate state carved out of India.

This will affect our relations: EAM S Jaishankar warns Canada after Khalistani posters threatening Indian diplomats emerge

Indian High Commission has sent a demarche to the Justin Trudeau administration in Canadajh, requesting them to take action against Khalistan extremists for targeting and threatening Indian diplomats

Indian Intelligence agencies say Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar and Avtar Khanda together masterminded attacks on Indian High Commissions

Indian Intelligence Agencies have said that Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar and Avtar Khanda sponsored terror attacks in India

Khalistani terrorist Avtar Singh Khanda dies in London, Khalsa Aid demands probe: Read how he radicalised youths, fanned anti-India sentiments

Khalistani terrorist Avtar Singh Khanda dies in London hospital reportedly from blood cancer, Khalsa Aid demands probe hinting at India's hand

Avtar Singh Khanda, son of KLF terrorist, arrested for pulling down Tricolour at IHC in London, had groomed Amritpal too

Khanda had also been in contact with Deep Sidhu, who was killed in a road accident on February 15, 2022. In one of the videos making rounds on social media, Khanda could be seen elaborating on how Amritpal Singh was chosen as the chief of Waris Punjab De after Deep Sidhu.

Pakistani Maulana Dr Muhammad Suleman calls Sikhs ‘dirty’, says ‘plan ready, will secretly convert them to Islam’, undated video viral

The video which is at present going viral over the social media is undated and is seemingly being shared amid the on-going turmoil in Punjab surrounding the recent activities of radical pro-Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh and his supporters.

Punjab police start learning gatka, the Sikh martial arts skills from nihangs after violence from Amritpal Singh’s followers

Gatka is a traditional martial art discipline associated with the Sikh gurus. It instills sword and stick fighting abilities as well as self-control. Gatka is thought to have started when the 6th Sikh Guru Hargobind used 'Kirpan' for self-defense during the Mughal rule.

Pro-Khalistan group Justice League India claims responsibility for killing Sudhir Suri, Khalistani Gopal Chawla celebrates

The day Sudhir Suri, the president of Shiv Sena (Takshali) was shot dead in Amritsar, Punjab, a pro-Khalistani group Justice League claimed responsibility for the killing

Punjab: Pro-Khalistan slogans found on walls of forest department office in Bhatinda, Khalistani terrorist outfit SFJ claims responsibility

Pro-Khalistan and anti-India slogans were found written on the outer wall of the office of the Divisional Forest Officer in Punjab's Bathinda city, a stronghold of the Aam Admi Party (AAP)

Amritsar: Pro-Khalistan slogans raised at Harmandir Sahib on Operation Blue Star anniversary, warning issued to Govt of India while police watched

Pro-Khalistan slogans raised at Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar on Operation Blue Star anniversary.

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