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Jaggi is suspected of having funded terrorist activities in Punjab and is also an accused in the murder of two Hindu leaders.
Not only is the media sowing seeds of divisions within the country, outlets like Shekhar Gupta's The Print are also providing a platform to Khalistanis to further their anti India agenda
 The Parliament House had been attacked once earlier, by Kashmiri separatists, in 2001
Khalistanis are not just dissenters against the Indian states but terrorists fuelled by cross-border funds.   
The campaign calls for Sikhs to come together to demand a separate state from 'India occupied Punjab'.
The protest is backed by Pakistan-origin British MP Lord Nazir Ahmed.
The abuser is followed on Twitter by many Congress leaders and self proclaimed liberals and feminists.
India's strong stand made Canada choose between terrorists and healthy relationships and Canada chose well
The Canadian government has admitted he should never have been invited and cancelled the invitation
Despite India's strong objection, Trudeau continues to flirt with Khalistanis
The Canadian PM will meet the Punjab CM after a visit to Golden Temple in Amritsar

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