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Dear Thomson Reuters Foundation – we will not ‘cease and desist’ from telling the truth about Leicester violence against Hindus

Thomson Reuters Foundation has sent a 'cease and desist' notice to OpIndia for our coverage of Leicester violence - we reject their demand

After Piers Morgan, Toronto and Saskatchewan Unis platform anti-semitic, anti-Hindu, pro-Hamas Mohammed Hijab, who had also instigated Leicester violence against Hindus

Piers Morgan, University of Toronto and University of Saskatchewan gave platform to Radical Islamic preacher Mohammed Hijab

UK: Ganesh Chaturthi celebration disrupted in Leicester after police officer Adam Ahmed manhandles Hindu priest and devotees

Leicester Police officer Adam Ahmed misbehaved with Hindu devotees and a priest during Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

UK govt orders independent review into 2022 anti-Hindu violence in Leicester. Here is what we know so far

An independent panel of experts will be commissioned to understand the origins of the unrest perpetrated by the Islamists in Leicester and ways to prevent such targeted attacks.

UK: Labour Party deselects 7 Indian-origin, all Hindu councillors in Leicester ahead of May local elections

The development comes a month before the scheduled local elections on May 4 this year.

Leicester violence: Accused Ibrahim confesses to threatening Hindus by screaming ‘I will kill you’, given conditional discharge

A man by the name of Arslan Ibrahim confessed to issuing a death threat to the 'rival group' (Hindu community) in Leicester in September last year.

Leicester violence: Five suspects identify themselves after police releases pictures of 10 accused, efforts underway to identify others

The police released photographs of suspects reportedly involved in the anti-Hindu violence that swept Leicester last year.

‘Influencers had spread false narrative’: Report by UK think tank says Hindutva or RSS extremism was not behind Leicester violence

Report by Henry Jackson Society denies any possible involvement of Hindutva or RSS extremism in Leicester violence

Anti-Hindu professor Chris Allen, appointed to conduct ‘independent inquiry’ into Leicester violence, steps down after Hindu organisations protest

Chris Allen, 52, is an associate professor at the University of Leicester. He is an expert on 'Islamophobia, hate, and extremism,' according to his Twitter profile (which has now been deleted).

‘Prejudiced’ Professor Chris Allen tasked to lead ‘independent inquiry’ into Leicester violence, draws ire of Hindu community. Here is what happened

Dr Chris Allen wrote a propaganda piece blaming Hindus for the Leicester violence and absolving Islamists of any wrongdoing.

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