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With Lok Sabha elections only a few weeks away, the lies and rhetoric of the Congress party have reached its zenith.
Misinformation being spread about the newly introduced charges for e-KYC authentication, which is payable by institutions, not end-consumers
Air Marshal Chandrashekharan Hari Kumar played a pivotal role in the February 26 airstrikes which destroyed Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps in Pakistan
The BJP has also knocked the doors of the Election Commission demanding de-recognition of AAP as a registered political party
It would certainly be in the interest of Rajasthan police to get rid of an agency that has the temerity to lie on social media about the ongoing police investigation in Utambar just to cover their own tracks
Unfortunate incident has been given a communal twist by the usual suspects, terming the death as 'lynching' and 'hate crime'
The Supreme Court had clearly denied issuing a notice to the centre
Dassault Aviation clarifies, offset is mandatory, not Reliance as a partner
The fake story of the discovery of Amarnath caves was so superficial that a few internet searches can bust this lie
Bhushan insinuated that Prime Minister Modi may have arranged for Mehul Choksi's Antiguan citizenship
Agnivesh's portrayal as some sort of 'sincere Hindu scholar', must be vehemently questioned
One wonders if the biased and clearly incompetent fact-checkers would fact-check themselves, now. 
Hyderabad City Police have clarified that the attack was due to a personal grudge developed by two regular offenders in the area
This is not the first time Digvijay Singh has lied and this certainly won't be the last
Nidhi Razdan needs to think harder before her snide remarks
A genuine case or a targeted attempt to defame?
The ongoing Sterlite protests have resulted in the deaths of 9 protesters
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta has apologised but hasn't deleted his original tweet
Rahul Gandhi will be even weaker Prime Minister than Manmohan Singh. India, especially Hindus, can not afford this tragedy.
Asking questions is not anti-national, propagating lies to discredit a foreign visit by an Indian PM, is
Perhaps the gooey white substance with foreign smell was egg whites?
She shared a photoshopped image of the newspaper 'The Hindu'
Gupta has wilfully omitted to acknowledge the refutal of his claims.
While responding to a story by broken by, Kapil Sibal accepted to have acquired Grande Castello.
You can't gain the goodwill and admiration of the 'Breaking India' anti-Modi brigade with reasonable and polite demands of Hindus.

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