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Stalin opposes Amul after Karnataka Congress rakes up Nandini issue: How ‘local versus outsider’ is becoming the divisive template of non-BJP parties

Local versus outsider issues in various states are bound to arise, However, people and polity in the country need to rise above the differences and ensure protecting each other's cultures and identities.

Baba ka Dhaba: How Netizens did their part in keeping the place afloat and lessons in humanity

There are innumerable 'Baba Ka Dhaba' in our neighbourhood. Maybe it is time to check upon them too.

‘Will tear your stomach apart’: One Asif Yusuf Shaikh bites off finger of victim, keeps abusing him even after spitting out severed finger

A squabble over a standing spot near the door in Asangaon fast train took a violent turn as one of the individuals involved in the quarrel named Asif Yusuf Shaikh suddenly chewed off a part of the index finger of the other co-passenger

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