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China: Protests erupt against stringent COVID lockdown after deadly fire rocks Xinjiang’s Urumqi

China is following a strict zero-covid policy. It is the world's last program of its sort, due in part to the country's poor vaccination coverage and an effort to safeguard the elders.

Bappi Lahiri’s ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ turns into a protest anthem in China amid stringent Covid lockdown

Hindi blockbuster song "Jimmy Jimmy" has been skilfully transformed into a subdued protest song in China.

China: Workers leave the largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou to avoid Covid-19 restrictions, walk towards their homes in other cities

Workers of the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou that makes iPhones left the facility to escape severe Covid-19 restrictions

Tibet erupts in massive protest against China, left without food and water, protestors say will set things on fire if COVID restrictions are not...

Some experts have stated that the Chinese authorities have not yet resorted to violence to crack down on anti-Covid protests because it involves not just Tibetans, but Han Chinese migrant workers too.

From drones to robot dogs: How China is keeping its citizens under strict lockdown, as COVID cases surge

Shanghai administration is using robot dogs and drones to direct people to stay inside during indefinite lockdown

‘Partygate’ scandal fallout: Will Rishi Sunak replace Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister of UK?

As, Boris Johnson's popularity continues to fade, Indian-origin MP Rishi Sunak emerges as a popular choice for UK Prime Minister post.

Netherlands: Police dog mauls protester as a demonstration against lockdown orders turns violent

Video of police dog biting anti-lockdown protester in Netherlands has gone viral on social media.

WB CM imposing strict Covid restrictions after Christmas and new year may be like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted

Though we'd like to assume the CM of West Bengal sincerely wishes to assist her people in overcoming the looming Covid-19 threat, she may have closed the stable door after the horse bolted

Austria becomes first country in Europe to impose a complete lockdown amidst fresh Coronavirus outbreak

Austria had imposed a strict lockdown for amidst surging coronavirus cases starting Monday, i.e 22 November 2021

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