Topic: Lynchings

MLA Raja Singh stopped a truck carrying 57 cows and calves, allegedly getting transferred to slaughterhouses.
Now 86, Dr Singh needs a mirror that reflects his true self to him
Aseem's father, Khaleel Ahmed, is a farmer by profession
India should explore flooding the Bangladesh market with low price Buffalo beef.
Four cattle smugglers killed cattle trader Salim Ali, two of them are arrested
The local people looked on while the retired cop was beaten to the death
Amidst conversations on spirituality, Kangana and Sadhguru delved upon Indian politics and the hypocrisy of Indian liberals
While Congress is doing what it does best, the media has failed and turned into mouthpieces
Mehul Choksi has stated that unpaid employees, debtors and other people aggrieved in the PNB scam might mob-lynch him

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