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Maa Durga

Old video of pro-Khalistani Ajmer Singh using derogatory remarks on Maa Durga surfaces, the naxalite-turned-‘historian’ is now participating in Farmer Protest 2.0

On 28th February, an old video of pro-Khalistani Naxalite-turned-"historian" Ajmer Singh using derogatory language against Maa Durgawent viral

‘Maa Durga was Lord Shiva’s creation. Did Shiva marry his own daughter?” RJD MLA makes derogatory remarks against Hindu Gods

RJD MLA Fateh Bahadur Singh said, "Durga is the wife of Lord Shiva. But Shiva is one of the gods who created Durga. So, Shiva married his daughter Durga."

‘In Gujarat we use Navratri to say I love you, not Valentine’s Day’: Actress Urvashi Solanki mocks the Hindu festival; brazens it out after...

Gujarati actor Urvashi Solanki has come under fire for comparing the revered Hindu festival Navratri with Valentine's day

‘Navratri fasting is about religious belief, don’t need crash course on diet from random nutritionist’: How IPS Arun Bothra responded to ‘gyan’ on fasting

On October 20, Bothra slammed Mumbai-based 'nutritionist' Sangeetha Aiyer after she tried to give unsolicited advise about 'healthy' food and how to keep a fast during Navratri.

Patna HC refuses anticipatory bail to one Wasif Hasnain, accused of posting a Facebook video with derogatory remarks on Goddess Durga

The man is accused of sharing a video containing defamatory and derogatory remarks against the Hindu deity Goddess Durga on his Facebook account

Four persons arrested in Delhi temple attack case, home minister Amit Shah reprimands Delhi Police Commissioner

Delhi Temple attack: Four persons including Md Zubair and Md Anus arrested by Delhi police

Chandni Chowk MP Dr Harshvardhan directs police to take strict action against the miscreants who desecrated the Durga temple

Though the tension prevailing over the temple vandalisation moves into its third day, the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is yet to come out and make any statement

Even Gods are unsafe in Mamata’s Bengal, Maa Durga ‘converted’ to Mother Mary in Barasat

The organisers had set up a pandal at Barasat’s Colony in Kolkatta and theme of the Kali Pandal was 2018 Fifa World Cup.

Siddhidatri: The ninth form of Maa Durga who blessed Lord Shiva

She is worshipped by humans, gandharvas, asuras and devas alike. 

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