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Meta to start labelling AI-generated content and manipulated media on Facebook, Instagram and Threads from May

Meta will begin labeling a wider range of video, audio and image content as "Made with AI" on its platforms, including Facebook and Instagram starting in May

Pakistanis and their Indian agents share manipulated video of cabinet meeting to claim Modi govt is planning to remove Sikhs from Indian Army

Pakistani ISPR bots share a cabinet meeting visual mixed with a Clubhouse discussion audio to claim India plans to remove Sikhs from Army

‘Twitter is neither investigator nor judge, but trying to pretend it is both’: Delhi Police come down heavily on social media giant

The Delhi Police further stated that the preliminary complaint regarding the issue was registered at the behest of the Congress party, but Twitter has tried to show that it is an FIR registered by the Govt of India, which is completely false.

Delhi Police wants Twitter to reveal the evidence on the basis of which it added ‘manipulated media’ label, serves notice

Delhi Police has sent a notice to Twitter demanding an explanation for their adding the 'manipulated media' tag to tweets.

Twitter marked image as ‘manipulated media’ based on no proof and only politically motivated FIRs: Twitter a part of Congress Toolkit now?

Congress had recently written an email to Twitter asking it to suspend Twitter accounts of BJP leaders for tweeting Congress toolkit

Fact-check: Did BJP spokesperson praise AAP for not politicising the COVID-19 crisis? Aam Aadmi Party shares manipulated media

AAP shared manipulated video to claim that BJP MP Aparajita Sarangi praised them for not politicising the oxygen crisis in the National Capital.

Swati Chaturvedi wants to sue Twitter user and send him to jail for exposing her history of manipulated media

Swati Chaturvedi wants to sue someone for pointing out she shared photoshopped image after having apologised for sharing the same photoshopped image.

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